"I got cakes" at the house of france

Where to even start? This event blew all my expectations out of the water! I had no idea we would draw the amazing crowd we did, the weather would be the perfect degree of sunshine, or the support from our family, friends and colleagues would be so strong. Not to mention all of the amazing people we met and were able to exchange passions & stories with. It was rewarding to say the least. All of our hard work & preparation was worth it!

I go through a cycle each time I am preparing for a big event and let me tell you it is a roller coaster: There's the excitement, planning, bursts of creativity and ideas, multiple grocery store runs, a stop here and there at Michael's and Sur La Table, and the search for new recipes & inspiration. Then I am finally baking, occasionally throwing out what doesn't make the cut and starting over, happy dancing around the kitchen when my macrons have perfect feet and my cakes are soft and fluffy, another burst of ideas comes, then after 10+ hours in the kitchen I hit exhaustion, debating whether this is what I truly long for, up to my elbows in a kitchen full of dishes and pastry bags.

BUT... then the event comes around and I wake up extra early to prepare (which is very different since I am NOT a morning person) and I am at peace, total peace, seeing everyone enjoy all that our team worked to create.

This is where I know what I am doing is true to my heart.

I made around 10 dozen goodies, including Lemon, Vanilla, and Blueberry Cupcakes, Blueberry Custard & Lemon Cake Shooters, and Lemon and Blueberry Lime French Macarons. I topped the cupcakes with a mix of Swiss & Italian buttercream & decorated with buttercream hydrangeas, roses, plumerias, and rosettes.

I definitely could not do this alone, and my biggest shoutout goes to Lindsay Mcnicol & Reva Event ( for her continued support, planning, and encouragement! I also have to shoutout Alliance Francaise and the House of France as they coordinated this lovely venue and I am so happy we were able to raise such great donations.

Hoping to do many more events together!

When I was envisioning how the "The Suga Mama's" dessert table would come to life, I knew I needed the help of my very talented friend, Mel Ngo's calligraphy and art skills. She designed these beautiful menu displays that brought so much class to the table! Her talents combined with Roseandmarguerite's stunning backdrop, handcrafted to match the spring theme perfectly, really completed the entire vibe I was aiming for.

Throughout the event, I was so excited to see all of my friends pop through the door and surprise me, some of which I didn't even know were coming. This beautiful woman (below) has been an advocate for my art since day 1 and has always pushed me to grow. I look up to her like my big sis!

As I stood there conversing with all of the amazing people that came by, including a young man who even grows his own lemons and makes lemon desserts (so impressive!), I peeked across the room and saw the bright smile on Lindsay's face as she whipped up her delicious crepes. "Merci beaucoup et bonne journée" were among the sounds, along with french music, games and conversation.

Both of us had lines back to back and it filled my heart so much to know we were together doing what we love. My son was right by my side the entire time, as behaved as ever, my mom was there helping me replenish the table as we ran out of treats, auntie Maeva was there and brought out of town relatives from Tahiti over to learn more about my products and desserts (and she brought me wine which was a huge plus), and the energy in that little House of France (and House of Phillipines which we flooded into) was pure happiness.

There there was this amazing guy (to the right) who helped me set up, made sure we ate cause you know I was hungry after baking all night and day, and took all of these gorrrgeous photos above! Joe, you are an amazing photographer and I'd love to have you at more events!

Thank you beautiful people (aka my suga babies) who made this day possible, much love to you all!

-The Suga Mama

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